Meet the Staff

Christy Adamu Micah – Antenatal

Mrs. Micah is a 49 year old Christian who is in charge of booking new antenatal patients. She has lived in Kaduna her whole life and is married with 3 children. She has a boy, 14, and two girls, 12 and 6. Micah used to be in charge of maternity but switched to booking because maternity was too tiring. She went to Midwifery School in Makarfi and then got a degree in General Nursing in Zaria. She has been working as a nurse for 27 years and has spent 7 of those years working in the demonstration clinic. She works the morning shirt, M-F 7:30-2. Micah has 1 phone which she puts N600 on per week. She has never used a computer before.

Yusuf M. Tafida – Clinician

Mr. Tafida is a born teacher. He is a community health officer at the clinic but the way he speaks to the midwife students, you would think he was teaching a class at a university. Yusuf began his educational career at the Katsina State School of Health Technology in 1992. He then worked as a clinic medical officer of health at the Electricity Medi Company. He spent 10 years working at this company and during that time, attended workshops on firefighting training and industrial hazard control and management. He left the Electricity Medi Company when a fellow doctor gave him an application to the ABU Teaching Hospital in Zaria. He was admitted and attended a one year program in the department of community medicine. Then, he decided it was time to practice the skills that he had learned, and began to work at the Demonstration Clinic. He was been working at the clinic for a little over a year now and says that he enjoys working there. He works at the clinic Monday through Friday and then travels to Zaria for the weekend to be with his family. He has one wife and 3 children ages 8, 6, and 3. His third child died after his wife gave birth because the medical attendants did not properly remove the mucus from the child’s lungs, and it suffocated. Because of this experience, Yusuf taught his wife how to extract the mucus herself and she is now working at a clinic and going to school for nursing.

Yusuf owns only one cell phone and he puts approximately N1,500 on it per week. He learned how to use the computer while he was working for the Electricity Medi Company. Currently, he has started to take programming classes at IT Computers because he would like to be able to keep track of his patients and their diagnosis. After explaining openMRS, Yusuf was very excited to learn how to use the program and he thinks that it will make the clinic run much more effectively. He also plans to purchase his own laptop in the following month which he can bring to work and practice on.

Hauwa Inuwa Abdukalin – Family Planning

Hauwa is 55 years old and has been working in the demonstration clinic for over 20 years now. Now, she is in charge of the Family Planning Office which helps to provide mothers with the medications they need in order to stop future pregnancies. She is a very educated woman with a degree in Reproductive Health from Ahmaoh Bello University, Zaria, one of Nigeria’s most prestigious Universities. She also took a two day course in Contraceptive Technology put on by USAID and she took a three week seminar from the Federal Ministry of Health on training of trainers for family planning so that she can train other health workers at the clinic. She works Monday through Friday 7:30 – 2.

Hauwa has one cellphone that she puts about N2,000 on each week. She does not own a computer and does not ever use the Internet however she says that she would really like to learn how. When asked if she knew what an electronic medical record system was, she just looked at me and laughed. After describing it to her, she seemed very excited about the system and said that she would love to use it. Although she says that she wants to use it, she seems slightly nervous about how easy it would be for her to learn how to use it.

Ladi Kaile – Family Planning

Mrs. Kaile is the Deputy Matron of the Demonstration Clinic. She is trained in antenatal care, prescribing medications and maternity care. Currently, she spends her time in the Family Planning Office with Hauwa to learn how to give injections and council patients. She is 55 years old and plans on retiring in December of this year. She has been working at the clinic since 1995 and she works Monday through Friday from 7:30 – 2. She attended nursing school as soon as she finished secondary school (76′-79′). After working for a few years, she decided to do her post-basic degree in Kaduna (84′-86′).
She has only one cellphone and puts N500 on it each week. She described that some times that was not enough but she would not put more money on it and just wait for people to call her instead. She does not own a computer however her son owns a desktop which she uses when she has time, about once a week. The computer does not have the Internet so Kaile does not use email and does not browse. Kaile enjoys typing and playing games but says that when she retires, she would like to learn how to use the computer more. She also thinks that the electronic medical record system is a very good idea and would help the clinic greatly. She also would like to year how to use it before she retires.

Rabiatu Balerabe Laden – Pharmacy

The chief pharmacist of the clinic is Mrs. Laden. She is 52 years old and a very enthusiastic and vibrant woman. She has been working in the clinic for 7 years and her job includes dispensing medications, entering drugs in ledger, tally-cats, and explaining to mothers how to give their child the medication. She works five days a week, Mon-Fri, from 7:30 -2 in the afternoon. Laden got a degree in Pharmacy at a medical school in Yugoslavia. She studied there for three years (77′-80′) and is fluent in their language. After she finished schooling, she returned to Nigeria to do her mandatory Youth Service. She spent the next 20 years working as a pharmacist at Baradikko Specialist Hospital in Kaduna. She now has two daughters who are 17 and 22.

Mrs. Laden has only one cellphone and puts between N500-N1,000 on it each week. She does not own a computer and she does not use the Internet however she would like to learn. She also thinks that a MRS would be helpful in the pharmacy and she thinks that it will make her work easier.

Jamila Auwal and Bilkisu Idris – Pharmacy

Jamila and Bilkisu are both Assistant Pharmacists and have both been working in the clinic for four years. They attended the Shehu Idris School of Health and Technology, Makarfi together and were in the same graduating class. Their job is to dispense drugs and enlighten patients of how to take their drugs and how frequently they must take them. They also council their patients to complete the full course of their medication because many mothers do not and their child ends up getting sick again. There are three Assistant Pharmacists at the clinic. Two work the morning shift (7:30-2) while the other works the afternoon shift (2-9). The three assistants take turns each week working the afternoon shift.

Jamila is 27 and has 3 children. She has two girls, 7 and 4, and a boy who is 2. She owns 2 cellphones and spends a total of N200 each week on both of them. She has never used a computer before. She seemed a bit hesitant when I asked if she wanted to learn, however her response was that she does want to learn and would like to go to a school on technology.

Bilkisu is also 27 but she only has one baby girl who is 22 months. She owns only one cellphone and puts N1,000 on it each week. She does not own a computer but she is very familiar with them. Her husband works for the military and they have moved him around many times. He is currently living in Kano and only comes to Kaduna once every 2 months. In order to keep in touch, Bilkisu goes to an internet cafe to email and instant message him for about and hour, 3-4 times a week. She says that she is not very comfortable on the computer and would like to learn more about them.

Ibrahim Mohammad Sani – Pharmacy

Ibrahim has been working as a pharmacist at the clinic for 9 years. He is 37 years old and graduated the Shehu Idris School of Health and Technology in 1995. He works Mon-Fri, 7:30 – 2 prescribing drugs to patients. Ibrahim has three wives and 5 children who all live together in a compound near the clinic. His children are all girls and their ages are 12, 10, 6, 4, and 1 and a half.

Ibrahim has two phones which he spends a total of N1,000 on each week. He does not own a computer so he does his browsing and emails on his phone. He mostly uses the Internet to write emails and to read the news each day. He prefers to use his phone over using an Internet Cafe. Ibrahim also attended the pharmacy abridgment program at Shehu Idris School in 2006. At the program ,they taught him how to use a computer and how to enter medications into a computer database. He is very excited about the implementation of a MRS because then he will get to use the skills that he learned.

Victoria Patrick Tokan – Records

Victoria grew up in Kagoro city, in Kaduna State. She moved to Kaduna City 37 years ago to go to primary school. She spent time working at a Research Company but has been working at the clinic for 16 years. Her job is to issue cards for children for the doctor to write his diagnosis into. She works M-F 7:30-2. When she is not working, she spends time with her 5 surviving children. They are ages 27, 24, 22, 20, and 9. Her first and fifth child both died of sickle cell anemia. Victoria has one phone and puts N100 on it each week. However, she does not use her phone unless it is to call her husband or her children. She has a computer in her house which her husband and children use but she has never had time to learn to use it. They use it for school and work but it does not have the Internet on it.

Naomi Jonathan  & Gloria David – Midwife Students

Age: 21                                      Age: 22
# of cell phones: 1                   # of cell phones: 1
$ spent/week: N200              $ spent/week: N250
Uses computer: Yes                Uses computer: No
for emails, browsing,              Never used computer
school work
Uses computer at: friends house

Roots Henry  & Abdullani Shamsiyya – Midwife Students

Age: 19                                                         Age: 21
# of cell phones: 3 but only uses 1        # of cell phones: 1
$ spent/week: N200                                  $ spent/week: N200

Maryam Bamalli – Midwife Student

Age: 20
# of cell phone: 0 (had one but lost it)
$spent/week: 0N

These three girls use the computer and the internet. They go to Internet cafes and they use the computer for school work. None of them have emails. They have also all heard of facebook but they do not have one.

Murna (Happiness) B. Ayuba – Midwife Student

Happiness is a 20 year old Midwife student who was born and raised in Kaduna. She is the middle child out of 2 sisters and 3 brothers ranging in age from 29 – 6. She is also engaged to a 22 year old man. She has one phone that she puts N100 on each week. She does not own a computer but she has used one in her school work. She uses the computer to write papers but she does not use it for the Internet.

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