Site Update!

Hey all,

I decided to change my blog around a bit so that it becomes more useful now that I am back home. Hopefully, this arrangement will let you see the implementations we have already done and what we are working on now. Also, be sure to check out our projects site at for more details on the project.

We are still working very hard on improving OpenMRS and working on another, larger, implementation. Adam might be able to go back in Dec to do the set-up for the summer project. We are just waiting to see if we can get the money in time so please cross your fingers for us.

We are also working on a “work group” for the winter in order to get more students involved and get a lot more work done on the OpenMRS system. There is way too much for just Adam and I to do.

We have also started applying to a lot of grants so I will post those as I go.

That’s it for now. Sorry for not keeping you all up to date but I think with the new design, it will be easier for me to do so in the future.


3 Responses

  1. Evelyn – please e-mail me at your convenience. I’d like to discuss linking you up with the ICTworks blog. Thanks!

  2. Interesting blog. I am a Nigerian so I enjoyed your stories and understand your frustrations. Hope you are able to see the fun side of the prostitute hitting your colleague and the 40 yr old men hitting you. Sexual harrassement is not in our dictionary. We are a bit worse than the Italians. You are expected to laugh at it or squeeze your face and yell out an abuse.
    On the more serious side, I am interested in the OpenMRS and have been frustrated as there is very little documentation on how to use it. I noticed that you had to walk through it with some difficulties at the beginning. Do you think you and your colleagues could find time before or during your next summer project to develop a “How to use openMRS after successful installation?” or better still “OpenMRS for Dummies”. I am keen on getting this very useful application deployed in as many facilities in Nigeria and West Africa but it would be difficult without a learning package that people with basic IT knowledge can use. Any hope? Would be glad to get an email from you.

  3. I love this blog and loved reading your experiences. Amazing stuff!! What great experiences and I think this blog really adds to the story. It should be a more prominent part of the project page you link to above (plus, you should fix the link since it’s missing the http://)

    I also wrote a bit about your project:

    Best of luck!

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