I’m in Abuja

A lot has happened since the last time I wrote. I will focus only on work, mostly because that is all I have been doing lately.

I gave a presentation to PathFinder Org on Monday and it went really well. I talked about OpenMRS, how we implemented it into the clinic, and how we could work with them to start implementing it into their clinics as well. They were very interested in working with OpenMRS and I have been going to their offices for the past few days. I am trying to set them up with a system that they can implement right away at a government hospital in Kaduna. Then, over the next two months, they are going to help us to finish the OpenMRS Nigeria program so that we can give them the finallized version in December (and hopefully come back for a few weeks to help them set it up in clinics!) We are still planning on coming back next summer to do this more but then we will be coming back to something that is already under way which we can just work on instead of start from scratch.

Everything is wraping up at the clinic. Ibrahim and Yakubu, the two men in the record room, know the program and are pretty good at it. They are putting a new steal door onto the room this weekend and have built a new table and book shevles for the room (after I asked very politely about a hundred times).

I had a meeting with the man in charge of Medical Health Information Program at the Shehu Idris school and he is very excited about the system. We are having a meeting with him and the Deputy Provost on Monday to discuss creating a cirriculum for them to teach to their students. The meeting is also to discuss what needs to be done/not done in order to keep the clinic running once I have left. I am very nervous about the whole project falling apart as soon as I leave so I want as many people as possible determined to make sure it keeps working.

Lastly, I have a meeting with a woman from ICAP on Monday and then am giving a presentation to the whole group on Tuesday. One reason for this is I owuld like to show them OpenMRS Express (they record HIV/AIDS and give free medication to clinics). The other reason is to try and convince them that we should come back in December and give trainings and that they should pay for it.

Now for “fun” info.
I am in Abuja at Dr. Mairo’s house for the weekend. It is my last weekend here and I haven’t been able to spend much time with her over these past 3 months so I would like to get to know her a little better before I leave. Also, they have good light, internet, and running water so that is always a plus. Her son is going to take me “sight-seeing” tomorrow as well which should be interesting. She also said that she will try to get me in contact with the head of ICAP and if I can squeeze in a meeting with the head of PathFinder while I am here, that would be great too.

I made some really cool friends the other day. It is a bit of a shame that I met them a few days before I leave but I had a really good time just hainging out with some normal girls talking about boys and sex and work. Granted these conversations were very different then conversations I have had in the states, but they were really interesting and hysterical.

Other than that, I return to CA in 10 days. I am very excited to come home although I know I will have to get right to work as soon as I do.But don’t worry, Ill be able to fit in some fun as well.

Thats it for now. This might be my final blog until I return to the US but I am going to continue writing to keep everyone updated on the project. I will also be able to give more information about the project, upload pictures, upload data files, and all sorts of fun things once I get back.



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  1. Hi Evelyn,
    I am interested in learning about the work you are doing.
    Please lets get in touch .
    My line is 094839262

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