I have been a horrible blogger

So I have been a really horrible blogger and I am sorry. But, I am going to offer a few excuses to make myself feel better and explain why I have been so bad.
1. There was a power serge at my house which knocked out the lights, water, and internet (lights are back but still no running water or internet which REALLY sucks)
2. It is the rainy season here and when I say rainny, I mean it. So it has been difficult to walk to the internet cafe because I don’t have an umbrella and for some odd reason refuse to buy one
3. I have been really fricken busy! The OpenMRS system is finished! Now all I am working on is getting the people at the clinic to use it. And that is exhausting! Working in Africa is really hard.

But since I am on a “numbering” role, I will continue it to give some highlights/lowlights of things that have been happening here. Sorry for being brief but so much has happened it would be impossible to write it all down.

1. Two more babies died. One was breach and the other one was just big. But this time they both had episiotomies performed(with no pain meds) which was probably one of the most horrible things i have ever experienced (I am sorry to say, but i was very very close to passing out the first time i watched it)
2. I got my Nigeria clothing which is absolutely fantastic. Also, today the matron gave me two new outfits, one is the uniform at the clinic, and i am really excited to try them on. We are all going to take a group picture wearing our matching outfits
3. I have had to deal with some really gross 40 year old men hitting on me. I want to tell these stories in person because they are even too horrible to write. And I feel like they will be much more entertaining in person.
4. “my” baby at the clinic is absolutely adorable and she loves me now. I have some pretty cute pictures and videos to show you all when i get back
5. I am giving a presentation to this organization called Pathfinder on Monday about working with them next summer implementing OpenMRS in their clinics so wish me luck
6. I am currently hating the internet because it is so darn slow!!!!!
7. I have discovered my inner girl and have blown all my money shopping here… opps
8. I REALLY REALLY hate the internet right now!
9. I come home in 2 1/2 weeks and am very excited about it. I love Nigeria but I think I am ready to come home. I am very excited to see all my friends and family and to start school. Also, we are going to start working on the final OpenMRS Nigeria program and start planning for next year which will be very exciting
10. I am going to be the TA for GIIP next year.

Ok, thats all i can think about right now. I am going to leave the Internet Cafe and literally run home cause I think its about to start raining… AGAIN.

Thanks for still reading. I will try to write more about the project before I leave and then I will write lots and lots more when I get home about the project this summer and what our plans are for next summer.


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