So I Kinda Delivered a Baby!

Hey everyone,

So today I finally got a chance to actually deliver a baby! It was probably the fastest delivery I have ever seen. I could barely get my gloves on in time. But it was pretty darn cool. And then I got to clean the baby off and dress him in his clothing. The custom in Nigeria is to dress the baby, wrap him in his blanket, show him to the mother, and then bring him outside to the family that is waiting there. All the family was really stoked that a baturea was bringing out their new baby. I am getting better at Hausa and “Barka” means Congratulations so I just kept telling them all that and they all said “nagode”, thank you, back to me. It was pretty fun.

I also did real work today. The computer trainings are going really well. I started teaching another of the records keepers, Yakubu, and he picked up on the system right away. The power went out around 11 but I had my laptop so I asked Yakubu if he wanted to play a typing tutor game that I had downloaded. The game is called Tux Typing. It has a penguin as the player and the words are in fish which you have to type in order to feed the penguin. It was probably one of the funniest things watching a 40 year old man get a total kick out of playing a children’s typing game.

That all for now. Hope everyone is doing well and I enjoy all your comments!


One Response

  1. hahaha that would be so fun watching him play. I love when older generation have more fun than kids…probably because it’s the story of my life lol.

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