The day I went to Church… and kinda liked it

So we all know that I am not the most religious of people. However, when Mrs. Lolo (the principal of the School of Midwifery, and my new personal hero) invited me to a ceremony/celebration of the graduating Christian Medical Students, I couldn’t refuse the offer.

We arrived in Makarfi early in the morning but the church was almost already full. All the graduation students were seated in the middle wearing beautiful matching white and black attire. By the time the ceremony was to start, there was not a free seat in the house and there was a crowd of people sitting in chairs outside as well. The service began with the liberation choir. OK, I used to sing in a church choir for a while, but this is probably the exact opposite of my personal choir experience. The music was load and energetic and the whole crowd broke out in song and dance. And not the normal church song and dance; people were just going crazy and whooping and hollering (I am not sure how exactly to explain the kinda Indian warrior call that some of the girls were doing) and the dancing was amazing. This was one of those times though that being the only white girl in a crowd of a couple hundred Nigerian’s and not being able to dance, really sucked. This lasted for about 15 min and then the preacher came up to start the ceremony. We all sat down and I was kinda bummed, thinking that was going to be the end of the singing. Boy was I wrong! Every person that came up there was singing! Some were choirs, a few soloists, and some just kinda broke out into song during a speech they were giving. It was really entertaining. My only complaint of this whole experience is that they were using these mics that were just absolutely horrible! (Uncle Cliff- you would be horrified at the old ghetto mics that they had). The singers that sounded the best were the ones that just didn’t use the mics at all!

The service was going on forever so Genome (Mrs. Lolo’s son) and I went outside to join the others. There, I was surrounded by people who wanted to know where I was from and what I was doing here. I don’t think that I will ever go somewhere where the guys hit on me more! I make friends everywhere I go though so that is nice. I had a great time talking to a few guys named Alec, Jesse, and one that I can’t remember. They all want to come visit me in California. They say that it is their dream to come. Of course I told them all that if they can get a plane ticket, I will house them and show them around. I think I have told that to at least 20 people since I have been here. I hope some actually take me up on it, but maybe not all at the same time. Somehow, I got pulled into a picture….. and for the next 10 minutes, I had to take pictures with a ton of random people who I didn’t know because they wanted a picture of the them with the baturea. Finally, one of the guys told everyone that was enough and pulled me away. I have gotten used to the attention that I get here but in situations like that, it is kinda embarrassing.

After the ceremony, we went to one of Mrs. Lolo’s friend’s houses where she gave us rice and meat which is always really good. Then we drove home (and survived). I absolutely love Mrs. Lolo and her son is really fun to hang out with as well. I think that there is a difference between the Christians and the Muslims however, I like them both for different reasons. I am sure you are all surprised to hear me say it but, today, I had a great time at church!


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  1. bahahahah I can absolutely picture you dancing! My image is slightly reminiscent of cupids ball. Glad to hear you liked church maybe we can go with crystal when your get back.

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