Partying in Nigeria

Last night was definitely one of the funniest nights ever. It was so amazing that I am actually hesitant to put it in words for fear that I will not be able to convey the experience to its fullest. But, I am willing to try so here it goes. Adam, Ian and I were all starving after getting back to Kaduna from Abuja and decided to go to this great Lebanese restaurant down the street from my house. I am still not very good with directions here because the roads have a tendency to curve and twist in random areas that make me really confused. But, we knew the general direction to the restaurant so we hopped on ochadas and went for it. Turns out, we knew where the restaurant was, but the ochada driver refused to listen to us so we ended up making three U-turns before we finally made it there. Then, of course, the ochada driver insisted that we pay more for getting him lost. But, the food was worth the trouble! We had Shawurma chicken, hummus and chips (which are fries but they cook them in a ton of oil which I’m sure is horrible for you, but delicious at the same time).

After dinner, we walked up the street to where there was a small market. Nigeria’s streets are lined with large gutters so that it doesn’t completely flood during the rainy season. Some of these gutters are really skinny but really deep also. Since there are no working street lights, walking in the dark can be a bit dangerous. I really didn’t want to fall into one of these gutters so I made sure to watch every step that I took. As we were crossing this grassy area, I saw that there was a large gutter so I made sure to step right on the really dark part of the ground. Next thing I know, half of my body is in the gutter and the other half is awkwardly hanging on for dear life. Turns out, that really dark spot was dark because it was a hole, not cement. On the bright side, the gutter was not wet so I didn’t get soaked. On the down side, I don’t think Adam or Ian will ever let me live that down, I banged up my knee pretty bad, and I have lived up to the stereotype of the stupid baturea falling into gutters. Oh well.

After we finished laughing, we went to the NAF club (National Air Force) because Shelly, a GIIP student who interned in Kaduna before, told us it was a fun place to hang out at night. We got there around 9:30 and it was still pretty dead so we sat and watched the live band and had a few drinks. As the night wore on, more and more people started showing up and we realized why Shelly had recommended the place to us. Their was a live band which was actually pretty decent but the best part was that at about 10:30, the girl dancers come out, turn their backs to the audience and then just shake their asses. Then a guy dressed up as an old man (died white eye brows and beard with a pillow stuffed in his shirt) joined the girls. He was absolutely hysterical and oddly enough, a pretty good dancer! A little while after that, another guy came out and basically just shook his ass too. As the crowd got more and more drunk, some of the guests would go up on stage and dance with them too. I have a video but it definitely does not give the whole thing justice.

When I went to the restroom later in the performance, there was a girl standing in front of the mirror practicing shaking her ass. I was joking around with her that I can’t dance like that and so she insisted on giving me some lessons on how to do it. Her name was Precious which just adds to the amazingness of this whole experience. Upon returning to the table, I saw that another woman had joined Adam and Ian. That woman just so happened to be a prostitute. But she was a very nice and interesting prostitute and we had a pretty entertaining conversation. The most entertaining part however was watching her hit on Ian and how incredibly uncomfortable he was the entire time.

Somehow, it ended up being 12:15 and the dance club had opened up. Precious came and found me and told us all that we had to go inside to see real Nigerian dancing. Of course, we were all down to go to a Nigerian night club! But, it cost N1500 to get in (which is a lot) so Precious somehow convinced me to try and get in without paying. After that failed miserably, we decided that we were going to wait till another weekend to go to the nightclub. Its crazy, the club opened at 11:45 and at the time we got there, it was only just beginning. I think I need to prepare the next time we go by taking a long nap during the day so that I can stay up that late and get the whole Nigerian party experience.

Oh how I love Nigeria…..


3 Responses

  1. Hahaha how funny! I would never imagine an experience like that in Nigeria lol I’m glad you’re having a good time 🙂

  2. I think I hung out with way too many Muslims!

  3. Nice write up,seems like u had a blast save the gutter episode, N1500 is 10 dollars, does not sound like very much to me!

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